Campaign against Feminicide


The IFWF was founded on 9 March 2001 in Amsterdam by women from Kurdistan, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany.

Exactly 4 years ago, on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in 2008, the first campaign started with the slogan „We are women. We are nobody’s honour. Our honour is our freedom!“

The aim of this first campaign was to counteract so-called “honour killings” and to challenge the term of “honour”, which is still a highly tabooed issue – not only in the Kurdish society! Public meetings, educational community work – for women and for men and women – and demonstrations were a part of the campaign as well as solidarity with victims of crimes in the name of “honour” in daily live. The intense discussions around the understanding of the “concept of honour” and the right of women’s self-determination lead to the decision to continue with another campaign starting on the International Women’s Day, 8 march 2010.

The second campaign was organised with the motto: „Let’s strengthen our struggle for freedom to overcome the culture of rape!“

The third Campaign “Stop the cruelty of stoning and executions!” was initiated by the IFWF in 2011 to protests against death penalties and executions including the stoning of women which threaten the lives of women and women human rights activists in countries like e.g. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia or Nigeria. Beside public protests and conferences the international signature campaign “1 Million signatures to stop the stoning” was initiated as well as the support of petitions was organised to save the lives of the Kurdish women’s rights activist Zeynep Celaliyan and Sakine Ashitian who were sentenced to death by Iranian courts.

Sequel to these campaigns the current, fourth campaign “Stop the Feminicide!” was started on 8 March 2011. By exposing the concepts of honor, systematic rape and killing of women just because they are women we have been trying to reveal, name and understand the reasons and the dimensions of violence against women.

Three main goals of the Campaign are:

  1. to reach a common definition that is adequate to name and combat all forms of violence against women effectively

  2. to achieve social and political changes to challenge, outlaw and prevent the “normality” of violence against women

  3. to compass legal adjustments in international and national laws so that feminicide will be prosecuted as a crime against humanity

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